How to Backup Data from the Cloud

remote-cloud-backupFrom iCloud to OneDrive, WordPress, Flickr, Evernote and Google Drive, there is a host of options to store your data in the cloud you almost don’t need local drives. However, what would it be like if one these services went offline? Would it mean losing all your e-mails, photos or bulks of work stored in an online office suite?

If you think that’s too extreme, you could as well consider a less destructive occurrence; what if there was an anomaly that cuts off your broadband. Will you continue working or will you wait for the service to be restored so you can access your files?

Well, you don’t have to go through such inconveniences. Here are a couple of strategies you can use when backing up your data from cloud services.


Start by downloading the emails to your Gmail account. This is done by directing your browser to and signing in with the relevant details.

Scroll to the “My account” page and hit the “control your content” tab. Click on the “create archive” tab, and then the section that prompts you to “download data.”

Highlight the category of data that you want to download. For instance, if you wish to download emails, click on “select none” then the switch next to mail. Click on “next”, choose the format and indicate whether you would want the link to the archive sent your email or just have it saved on your Google Drive.

Compile the mail database. This may take a couple of hours to days based the number of messages. You will get a notification once the process is complete. Be sure to copy the email message to a secure folder on your computer by highlighting the messages and dragging them into the folder.


Use Google’s Takeout service to export and archive your address book. The contacts are exported in the vCard format. If you are using Hotmail or, select the grind icon that is located at the top of the screen and choose “People” from the menu. Highlight the contacts that you would like to export and click on “export for and other services” from the Manage menu.

If you’re using Yahoo Mail, go to the Contacts icon that is located just below the Yahoo Mail logo. Highlight the boxes according to the contacts that you want to export. Click on the Actions menu, then Export and select a format, preferably the vCard Single File. Click on “Export Now” to complete the process.


You can export your calendar from Google by directing your browser to Be sure to select calendar as the download, and then click Next. Allow the calendar to download in the “Zip” format and opt that the file is sent to your email when ready.

Online Office Documents

You can choose to back your online office documents manually or automatically. To download files manually, you may use Google Takeout or log into the Google Drive Website and select the files that you want to download. Once you’ve chosen the files, click on the “More actions” tab then Download.

To automatically save online files you will have to download a program known as InSync. It will cost you $15to access full features of the program although there is a 15-day free trial.

Feed it with your Google login details and set it to download all your online office documents and replace them with those in the Google Drive folder. Any time you create a new document on Google Drive, InSync will automatically download it and even convert it into Microsoft Office file format.